About The Mystic Beat Lounge

The Mystic Beat Lounge is a collective of individuals who are passionate about producing participatory, cutting-edge community events and parties. The Mystic Beat Lounge is continually exploring the transformative possibilities of community interactivity. We are inspired by events such as Burning Man and the Techno Cosmic Mass where the separation between performer and attendee becomes erased.

Members of the Mystic Beat Lounge have produced events as diverse as the three thousand person attended Health & Harmony Saturday Night Techno-Tribal Dance, participatory workshops of radical transformative spirituality such as Sacred Uproar, and small gatherings of devotional kirtan music and ritual.

We believe we live in a unique and blessed community with an abundance of creative and talented people. It is our mission to create contexts where community talent and energy can be shared freely. We work to create events that act as a catalyst for deepening and accelerating community growth and connection, which ultimately, we believe, contributes to the positive evolution of planetary consciousness. And we have a good time doing it.

There are several ways you can connect with the Mystic Beat Lounge. If you want to be informed of upcoming Mystic Beat Lounge events, send us your e-mail and let us know you want to be on our e-mail announcement list.

We also have meetings and smaller parties for people who collaborate with us on our productions. If you would like to get involved by either volunteering at one of the Mystic Beat Lounge events, or contributing in some way to our production collective, message and let us know how you are interested in participating.