Visionary Alliance
Visionary Alliance is a new performance company, currently based out of Sonoma California, that unites creative forces with extraordinary individuals from multiple troupes, such as Luminesque, Liquid Fire Mantra, Alchemystics, and Circus Mecca Aerialists, as well as other fresh new artists. Their Harmony Festival appearance will bring something new and cutting edge to the stage, with its first ever Ultra Violet light show. They'll also be presenting "Unlimited Vision the Journey of a Shaman", a 45 minute Theatrical Story, filling the stage with props, wicked costuming, stilted creatures, choreographed dances and dangling aerialists. Through the ancient art of story telling, Visionary Alliance hopes to inspire, uplift spirits, open hearts, mesmerize minds, and share with its audiences a beautiful tale of self discovery, journeying into dreamtime awake. Come be part of Visionary Alliance at Harmony Festival, the first of many stories to come!