Ghostland Observatory
Ghostland Observatory
Ghostland Observatory’s entire approach to music – sonically, aesthetically, conceptually – is essentially a melding of the two distinctly different personalities of its two members, Thomas Ross Turner and Aaron Behrens. Whereas Turner, the producer/drummer/keyboardist of the duo, finds solace in the minimal, bleak cable-patch squawks of Karlheinz Stockhausen and the analog-disco-thump of Giorgio Moroder, Behrens’ interests lie more along the lines of psychedelia, rock and various country and blues artists.
The result is a shimmering, pulsing pop music that is at once kinetically alive with Behrens’ striking vocals and driving guitar work but also anchored firmly by Turner’s percussive beats and Moog-generated melodies and hooks. Common descriptions include “electro-dance rock,” “synth-funk” and “Freddie Mercury-helms-Daft Punk.” The media describe them this way:
“There’s really no act like them” says the Wall Street Journal.
"They are in control of their own creativity, marching to the beat of their own drum, rather than following trends." - URB Magazine
"They delivered everything we have come to love and expect from the duo: a contagious case of electro-pop-rock fever, a giant dance party, unstoppable energy, trademark getups of capes and fringe, and a rainbow laser lightshow bonanza." - The Huffington Post
"Ghostland have mated inventive electronic beats with glam-rock melodies for a catchy, highly theatrical take on dance music. And they've done it their way." - Spin
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