Galactic w/ Lyrics Born & Chali 2NA
It’s shaping up to be a stellar year for celebrated New Orleans outfit GALACTIC. as they make their debut performance at the Harmony Festival. The band recently released their groundbreaking new album "YA-KA-MAY" to rave reviews, a visionary mix intertwining New Orleans sounds from jazz, to brass band, to funk and far beyond. With this release, the five-man group – comprised of drummer Stanton Moore, bassist Robert Mercurio, saxophonist/harmonica player Ben Ellman, keyboardist Richard Vogel, and guitarist Jeff Raines – reaffirms their status as the quintessential modern day New Orleans band and one of the funkiest outfits in the known universe. They will be perfroming two very different sets at this year's Harmony Festival. Saturday night they will be re-uniting with renown rappers Lyrics Born & Chali 2NA and performing some of their classic material as part of the stellar Techno-Tribal Community Dance. Sunday they will be performing on the Harmony Main stage and focusing on the more New Orleans Funk style featured on their new album, which is sure to have the Harmony crowd dancing out the gates!
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