Being with FLOWERS, Anthony Ward
Being with FLOWERS, Anthony Ward
Inspiration is Precious
Flowers are the manifestation of love itself - like the deep love the Earth feels when clean cool waters run deep inside her and gentle rains fall upon her. It is with this same deep love and all my heart and soul that I do this work. I have found my calling and I am constantly reminded my journey with the Flowers is one of many blessings.
On Nov 4, 2002, I created my first onstage arrangement with Bobby McFerrin as part of his San Francisco Jazz Festival performance.
Our collaboration was completely impromtu and magical. Although I have an extensive background in ballet and modern jazz dance, it was the first time onstage that I was able to employ my two most accomplished art forms.
At the end of the stage, there was a 15 foot tall arrangement of all white flowers, lemons, and fall leaves. My dear friend Michael Franti, who is the lead singer and lyricist of Spearhead was in attendance at my request.
He said he was very moved by what we did and asked me to join him and Spearhead on stage sometime. I made my debut with them at the Not In Our Name benefit in Oakland, CA in 2003. Since then, I have done almost a dozen performances with them - most notably at the Reggae on the River 20th anniversary, where I was onstage with them for half the set. I have also joined them for their Power to the Peaceful Festival in SF's Golden Gate Park every year since 2002.
My wonderful friend Zach Velmer, the amazing drummer of the musical revolution called Sound Tribe Sector 9 was at a performance I did with Spearhead, and asked me to join them onstage to create live with them. When I say they are a musical revolution, you will have to hear them to know what I mean.
I have also performed with Deepak Chopra reading Rumi while renowned Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechong did his magic.