Medicine Drum w/ Wisdom
Medicine Drum

Fusing the latest cutting edge styles of progressive electronic dance music with foundations of deep tribal rhythms and live vocals, MEDICINE DRUM are recognized as one of the early music pioneers to cross the boundaries of electronica, where organic meets digital. Founded in London in 1994 by percussionist and Earthdance founder Chris Deckker, their music is a rich hybrid of styles and textures. Not quite psy-trance, not quite techno and not quite future-dub, Medicine Drum blend all these styles while interlacing them with driving, earthy tribal percussion and world music influences.

Medicine Drum's sound and style has always been individual and mystical. The band has supported some of the biggest names in dance music including Moby, The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Juno Reactor and Sound Tribe Sector 9 - and has played all over the world including Japan, Morocco, South Africa, Canada, London, Glastonbury Festival UK, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Europe, and the USA.

Medicine Drum are back with a new all star line up featuring Greg Ellis on drums (Juno Reactor, The Matrix), Rara Avis on electronics, Lisbeth Scott on vocals (Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation", Narnia) and special guests MC Wisdom and MC Dakini Star (The Goddess Alchemy Project).

Medicine Drum continue to stretch the boundaries of electronica with their dynamic live shows which often include ritual dance theatre and performances by indigenous artists such as Native American drummers, African musicians and dancers. Their cutting edge sound and visually stunning stage presence continues to draw critical acclaim from around the world.

"...Watching them play live today is like a dance through time, a heady slide into the depths of rhythms from the past and a dizzying propulsion into the sounds of the morrow." -- Kary Stewart (Ignite Media London)

Current band line-up:

  • Chris Deckker (Earthdance founder)
  • Rara Avis (Six Degrees Records, co-producer, Desert Dwellers, Shaman's Dream)
  • Dominic Dean Breaux (Shaman's Dream)

Special Guest Lyricists: