Holistic Hooping
Holistic Hooping


Joining forces with Liquid Fire Mantra in a Ritual Theater co-creation called 'Reflections', this dynamic duo weaves a mesmerizing embodiment of blissful, tribal energy while swirling their 'rings of fire'. Sharing the spiral of life, this husband and wife team merges divine masculine and feminine energies into ONE, while channeling fire’s paradoxical nature into fun, spiritual fulfillment.

Also known to perform as Primordial Spin, Kandice Korves-Kaus and Andrew Kaus have had the opportunity to share their talents live, in front of large audiences at a plethora of events locally and internationally. They have collaborated with several renowned performance artists and bands such as: Michael Franti, Heavyweight Dub Champions, Transglobal Underground, Ka’Nal, Lunar Fire, the Pyronauts, and, of course, Liquid Fire Mantra just to share a few. They have been featured in many publications and have made several television appearances, spreading their love of the hoop.

Please enjoy your opportunity to spin one of their hand-made Holistic Hoops™, available for use or for purchase at Techno Tribal and throughout the weekend at Harmony Festival!

1-888-Hoop-Lov OR www.HolisticHooping.com