2002 Lineup

Saturday - June 8th - 2002

Medicine Drum

Presents: Tribal Alchemy
A Techno-Ritual Rock Opera Featuring Inernational Guest Artists

Lorin - Bassnectar LIVE

Debut Performance Featuring
Apsara, Goddess Temple & Mystic Family Circus

Trance Zen Dance

Bhakti with Suzanne Sterling


Kim Atkinson's Drummunity
Zack Darling with The Mystic Family Circus


Solstice Ritual with Laurie Lovekraft & Elizabeth Moriarty

Emerald City Lasers - as seen at Burning Man
Future Juju - Eagle Spirit - Stilt Performance Artists
Cyber-Shamanic Visuals by Arcane Realities - African and Native American Drumming
Natural Food - Art Installations - Sideshows - Props by club FAB